Live life to the fullest!

Hey there. I am Nick. I guess you already figured out that I love to travel? Well, it wasn’t always like that.
Live Life to the fullest
In my early twenties I worked as an IT businessman. Dressed in a suit, I sold business software and drove to customers with my shiny Audi A3 to give workshops and to sell software. It was awesome! No, not the software. I am talking about the car! Sport suspension, Bose sound system and top speed of 240 km/h. Not too bad for a guy in his early twenties to show up like that? Well yes, once upon a time I was a normal guy playing the rat race. It was about the money to buy expensive stuff I don’t need. It was a job where I sat down 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. Eventually I had to use my saved money to spend on a rehab to fix my back problems – caused by my job as sales manager. I was immersed in the treadmill.

How a holiday changed my life

In 2009 I spent my yearly vacation in New Zealand. This holiday was about to change my life. Leaving the cold, grey and rainy winter behind in Germany, I cruised in a Wicked Camper through the northern and southern Islands of New Zealand. Every day I encountered breathtaking landscapes and unbelievable scenery. On my second day I passed a beautiful spot where my mind went “Oh my gosh, I need to spend a night at that beach”. No sooner said than done, I drove my van towards the white and sandy beach. I pulled out a chair, started to cook and set up a bonfire. More and more travelers joined me that night. We shared wine, stories and laughs. I fell asleep with a smile on my face while listening to the waves breaking at the beach a stone’s throw away. I could not remember the last time when I felt that free, happy and able to enjoy such a pure moment! The next morning I was woken by the waves thundering on the beach. The sun touched my skin and again… I smiled and felt happy.

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When you finally have the guts to make your dreams come true

This feeling of pure joy, happiness and freedom I continued to have for the next three weeks. Until my plane landed back home in Germany. At the airport I switched on my mobile phone and received missed call notifications and mails from work. Back to reality…

But what is reality? Does it have to feel shitty to go to bed on a Sunday evening, thinking about work the next morning? Was this everything? There must be more than just selling software and having a couple of days off during the year? Was it just another holiday? It was April 2009…

Nick the sales manager

The “glory” days as a sales manager. There was a bit of a change since this photo was taken in 2009

Fast forward! Life live to the fullest!

It is June 2015. Since that holiday 2009 in New Zealand there has been a bit of a change in my life. Meanwhile I went on two trips around the world. I count about 50 countries which I have visited and I even got paid to travel the world a third time for a Swiss airline company. I got shot in Fiji, I got robbed in Vietnam, I made money as a stripper in Vegas, danced in Lederhosen in front of the MGM Grand, I sailed through a hurricane along the coastline of Mexico, danced with b-boys in New York City, smuggled clothes into Cuba, climbed up Machu Picchu for the sunrise and ate chicken noodle soup flavored ice cream in Tokyo. Well, I could go on with this for quite a while, but the point is: Live life to the fullest. You just have one life, so do what you want to! There is no such thing as safety and as Mark Twain said “20 years from now, you will regret the things you haven’t done more, than those things you did”.

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This is me. This is Travel Echo

Once I started a blog for family and friends, to let them know what I am up to on my trip. With time, I met many more people who were fascinated about “this guy who just set off to live his dream”. So I started to write in English, so that many more people could read it. What started as a simple and “far from being professional” – blog, transformed into a platform to help others to get inspired to live their dreams.

Back in 2014, When I returned from my second trip around the world, I started to give lectures about my travels. It was then, when I started to actually see and feel that immense desire from people to do “cool shit”, or the wish to “do what they want to” but they are trapped in the rat race.


Due to a different perspective, the stereotype of social life and wrong impressions of happiness – the majority of people are still trapped in a treadmill. Doubts will appear, you look for excuses not to change and eventually you wake up one day and look in the mirror: You realize that you have grown old and regret that you haven’t really lived at all. There is nothing more exciting than following your own path! But when swimming against the mainstream, there are no proper signs which tell you where to go. This is where Travel Echo comes in.

With Travel Echo I redesigned my old blog and built a platform to entertain, inspire and encourage people to accomplish their personal goals or to overcome their fears of leaving the rat race. With this platform I will write about my adventures around the world and the lessons I learned, which helped me to create my own lifestyle to do what I love. I created Travel Echo to be there as a consultant, mentor and coach for those, who are willing to get the best out of their life as well. Ultimately, you just have one life! So why waste it with things you don’t want to do?


It is beyond imagination, where motivation will lead you.

Feel the urge to get in contact with me? Awesome! Shot me a mail! Happy to hear from you.