Fuck Pasta and Ketchup – the ultimate cook book for travellers

You want to cut your costs for food while traveling?

You are bored with burger, pizza & co?

You want to get some international flair into your kitchen?

Say hello to the ultimate cook book for travellers!

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The ultimate cook book fro travellers
  • “Nice collection with a lot of inspiration for the next dish while traveling or to take a trip down memory lane at home”

    – Yvonne
  • “Written by a passionate traveller and made for travellers. Fancy recipes. Entertaining stories.”

    – Jana
  • “If you’re looking for something simple but creative: the book is perfect for you.”

    – Christina

In “Fuck Pasta and Ketchup” you will find international recipes which are fun to make, easy to buy and they transform your eating habits on a budget into top notch feasts!

Food is an essential cost factor when travelling on a budget. With “Fuck Pasta and Ketchup” you have a cooking guide based on delicious international cuisine on a budget.

What can you expect in “Fuck Pasta and Ketchup”?

International recipes

You can look forward to twenty recipes from around the world, e.g. Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, India, France or Mexico. From savory dishes with meat or fish, to succulent vegetarian feasts, salads and desserts.


In “Fuck Pasta and Ketchup” every recipe includes a small anecdote. Its origins, personal travel tales or an intro from people who shared their local recipes with me.


Mouthwatering images of ingredients and the finished dish.


Listings of all the ingredients and measurements for your perfect creations!


Easy step by step explanations of how to prepare your food the right way – and sometimes even more…

Additional tips

“Fuck Pasta and Ketchup” offers lots of extra tips for most of the recipes – like alternative ingredients, explanations or personal suggestions.

Have a look inside

A collection of mouthwatering recipes from around the world. Made from travellers for travellers (and anybody else who wants to make a luscious change in their kitchen)

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What readers think about “Fuck Pasta and Ketchup”



Being based in Thailand, it would take a lot to make me cook, but Nick has nailed it. Any time I need to impress my girlfriend with some ‘home made’ cooking, I’ll be going straight to the book. Simple, easy, quick, delicious but looks super pro. Perfect. So “Fuck Pasta and Ketchup!”


La Casita de Laura

“Fuck Pasta and Ketchup” is the best cookbook I have read so far, and I consider myself a foodie! It’s very useful and easy to use, and it’s very personal. It’s like reading a book of stories with a bonus of tasty recipes in it! This book is a “must have/read/cook”!



“I ♥ IT!! As a massive foodie and non stop traveller myself, I can tell you this cookbook is a must have for every backpacker! Entertaining stories, easy recipes and beautiful pictures make it fun to cook and it puts a creative meal on the table! The easiest way to make new friends is to impress them with food! So… Fuck Ketchup and Pasta!

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About the Author

I am Nick, a digital nomad who’s been travelling the world since 2010. I am half German, half English. Born and raised in Germany. I have travelled to over 50 countries and lived in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Switzerland and Ecuador.
I consider myself a student of life: learning new things every day, eager to pursue every single dream I have and living life to the fullest.


I love traveling. I love food. And eating! So with “Fuck Pasta ‘n’ Ketchup” you look at the perfect combination from those three passions on your screen. International recipes from travellers for travellers.